Secret Benefits of Celebrating International Pillow Fight Day

Pillow fighting is not just a sport for children or for teenage girls at sleepovers.

On the first Saturday of April each year, people all around the world gather to celebrate International Pillow Fight Day. While ordinary pillow fights have existed for time immemorial, small ‘Pillow Fight Clubs’ popped up around the world, said to have been inspired by the movie Fight Club.

The fun quickly grew from these small clubs and the first official International Pillow Fight Day was held in 2008 where over 25 cities were said to have participated. This has since spread to over 100 cities worldwide. Participants bring their own fluffy pillows to designated meetings spots and engage in chaotic but harmless pillow fights with strangers and friends alike.

The joy of pillow fighting lies in its simplicity – it’s a chance to let loose, forget our worries for a while, and connect with others in a fun and playful way. But beyond the playful nature of the event, there’s also something to be said for the physical and mental health benefits of having some harmless, physical fun. Pillow fighting can help us release pent-up stress and energy, get our heart rate up and some even believe it can improve our sleep quality.

But as we prepare to celebrate International Pillow Fight Day, it’s important to remember that self-care extends far beyond an occasional moment of silly fun.

At its core, self-care is about recognising our own self-worth and prioritising our physical, emotional and mental well-being. When we take care of ourselves, we’re better equipped to handle life’s challenges and enjoy its joys.

Unfortunately, many of us struggle with feelings of self-doubt, insecurity or unworthiness. We may push ourselves beyond our limits to prove our value to others, forget to prioritise our health and happiness, or struggle with negative self-talk that undermines our confidence. But the truth is, we are all inherently deserving of love, respect, and care, regardless of external accomplishments or perceived flaws.

Self-care can take many forms, from taking time to practice mindfulness or exercise, to seeking out therapy or learning new skills. But at its core, it’s about giving ourselves permission to prioritise our own well-being, and recognising that doing so is a vital part of living a fulfilling happy life.

Have fun and release some stress with a playful pillow fight
So this International Pillow Fight Day, let’s have fun and release some stress with a playful pillow fight. But as we do, let’s also remember that taking care of ourselves and our self-worth is a year-long commitment worth prioritising.

If you’re interested in taking part in International Pillow Fight Day, grab a pillow, grab a friend and let the fun begin either at home, or head on over to London’s Allen Garden on Saturday 1 April 2023, where children, adults, families and friends will be gathering for a fun-filled, afternoon. For more information check out

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