The Empowered Women’s Collective

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If you’re looking for a fun, uplifting home with a group of women focused on improving our daily lives through a positive mindset and learning to prioritise ourselves, this is the place for you and I cannot wait to welcome you in.

This community is a safe space for busy, overwhelmed professional women women to come together and to support one another.

You are done with putting yourself last, done with playing second fiddle to your work, your career, your business, your family; you are done with having no control over your life and you are ready to discover just how powerful you truly are.

You want to live a life of joy and abundance; you want to fill your cup and look after yourself so that you have capacity to be there for your family, your job or your business. You are ready to discover your unique gifts and to embrace them with that unshakeable belief and understanding of who you are, knowing that you are worthy. Worthy of love; worthy of joy; worthy of peace.

In this community we invite you to share tools and techniques that you use to conquer those pesky mindset gremlins that tell you that you are not enough. We will share simple self-care strategies to help set you up for success and you will learn to love yourself again.

I am passionate about this because I know just how lonely that life can be. I’ve been there: putting the needs of my employer, my family and my business, above my own. Believing that I was not deserving, I was not worthy. It took me reaching borderline depression and burnout to realise that I had been believing a false truth. I NEEDED to start looking after myself otherwise things were only going to get a whole lot worse.

I believe that every woman has a unique gift with which to impact the world and to do this she needs to know who she is, have clarity and confidence to step up and reveal her true self to the world and that comes from within and having a true, unshakeable belief in herself.