“Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I’m possible.”~Audrey Hepburn

Are you ready to prioritise yourself and claim the joyful life you know you deserve?
My superpower is empowering women like you who want to

  • show up for themselves
  • grow in confidence
  • take control of their lives and
  • reclaim their joy

It is my passion to help more women discover self-compassion, self-confidence and self-acceptance in order to reclaim their joy.

I want to help you put a stop to and let go of the negative stories and self-criticisms that have been holding you back for so long.

My aim is to guide you on a journey of learning to embrace your joyful, honest, and true self. We all have ingrained habits and old conditioning. These need to be gently and kindly removed so we can discover who we truly are and why we’re here.

How my services can benefit you
Working with me will make it possible for you to
  • be productive and take control of your life through implementing time management strategies that will help you create time for what matters
  • love and honour yourself by developing self-care practices and achievable daily routines
  • cultivate a positive mindset to reduce stress and overwhelm and promote calm and joy in each day
  • identify and shift limiting beliefs (subconscious biases) and sabotaging behaviours that keep you playing small and prevent you from living your most fulfilled and joyful life
  • release the fear and resistance that has been preventing you from being the best version of yourself
  • consistently take small and incremental steps to set you up to yield huge results
  • not only to recognise what negative and self-doubting thoughts are holding you back, but also be able to replace them with positive ones

Working with me will empower you to
  • sharpen your focus, clarity, and vision for your future
  • leave behind stress, anxiety and overwhelm
  • lead a life of effortless joy
  • feel more focused, confident and connected to yourself
  • change the narrative by letting go of unhelpful stories, mindsets, and blocks that have been holding you back from reaching your full potential and joy in life
  • know how to lean into your intuition with confidence, as well as recognise and challenge your fears
  • feel more motivated to take responsibility for achieving a fulfilled life of joy and vigour
  • open yourself to a healthier lifestyle and help you prioritise your personal wellbeing, energy and joy

Through employing various techniques, including Coaching questions, EFT Tapping, Meditation, Journaling, Time-Management models, and so much more, you will be empowered to pursue the life you know you deserve. As a result you will be able to prioritise your own needs in all areas of your personal and professional life, including your finances, health, and overall sense of well-being.

You will be able to discover who you are and what brings you the most authentic joy.

Whether in your personal or professional life, I believe that by going back to basics and rewriting the stories you tell yourself, you will reshape your beliefs and transform your mindset for good.

If this sounds like something you are interested in and you want to move beyond those obstacles that have been holding you back from experiencing joy in your life, if you are ready to leave behind the chaos and experience calm, book a call and let’s have a chat over a cuppa coffee about what you are looking for. If we both feel that we are a match, we can talk more about what working together would look like.

“How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you”~Rupi Kaur

What you can expect from me…

I will…

  • ask questions to help you reflect within to gain an honest perspective on your own situation/s, and to extract the right answers that are buried inside you
  • teach you tools, such as eft, meditation, journaling, etc which you can then use to help you on your journey
  • push you, challenge you and hold you accountable
  • encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and to chase after your dreams and desires
  • be your biggest cheerleader and supporter
  • help you understand the importance of the four pillars of wellbeing (mind, body, soul and emotions) to succeeding in all aspects of your life
  • provide you with the tools and resources you need to make confident decisions and positive changes to achieve your desired outcomes
  • hold your hand but I will not tell you how to do the work nor will I do the work for you
  • provide guidance and suggestions, with your permission, and only where I deem it may be beneficial to you
Why choose to work with me

Because it’s time you made yourself a priority.

I’ve lived through and overcome the very same struggles you are facing.

I’ve been where you are now.

I understand the pressures that come with different levels of employment, as well as the challenges one faces with running your own business: I started my career as a secretary, worked my way up to associate, later opened my own law firm, and then started all over again growing my online coaching business.

I also know the demands, difficulties and duties that come with being a working mom.

My values are family, joy, faith, trust and life fulfillment and it is my calling to help you rediscover yourself and move forward to the life of joy and fulfillment you want and deserve.

Book a no-obligation 30-45 minute introductory call to see if we are a good fit and, if I’m the right coach for you, we can talk more about what it would look like for us to work together.

Making yourself a priority doesn’t have to mean me first, sometimes it can simply mean me too~Robyn Lane

Ways you can work with me

(12-week 1:1 holistic coaching programme)

Are you stressed, overwhelmed and anxious about everything? Constantly feeling like you just can’t keep up with all the demands on your time and energy?

It’s time to take control of your life, prioritise yourself and reclaim your joy!


(3×60-minute | 6×60 minute | 9×60 minute guided sessions)

Are you tired of doubting yourself and feeling stressed or anxious, with negative thoughts you can’t seem to get under control? Do you want to quiet your racing mind?

Tapping meditation can help you to feel calmer, more confident and in control.


If you are unable to commit to weekly 1:1 sessions but would still love to prioritise yourself and reclaim your joy, I am in the process of creating a range of online courses just for you. These will be downloadable and can be purchased right here on my website.
So come back soon to check them out or sign up to my mailing list to be the first to hear when they are released.


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